Damascus Road

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Bob Jones University's Living Gallery (April 2, 3, 4, 2015), presents a new sculpture by Doug Young. The original work in wax, depicts Paul's conversion on the Road to Damascus. To inquire about purchasing a limited edition bronze, please click here.



Doug Young has been sculpting for almost thirty years. He's best known for sculpting Shoeless Joe Jackson, Gethsemane and The Patriot, Della Gillette, and the Creche for Bob Jones University.

His works are currently on display and for sale in his studio located in Taylors, South Carolina. He is available for commissioned work and private lessons.

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Greenville Roots

The most photographed tree roots in Greenville are located near Falls Park. Now they have become the subject of a bas releif. This work of art can be yours. Contact Doug to see the work in person.

Tree Roots

Life Size Statues

Point of DepartureDella GillettePerrinThumb

Smaller Works

Cherokee Bust Cherokee Morning Alibaba Sleeps Bases Loaded Aida The Seeker Maestro The Centaur Film Festival Pearl Diver Greek Soldiers Icarus Ascends Men of Valor Gethsemane - limited edition Prometheus Torso Oedipus Winged Victor