'Shoeless' Joe Jackson, life-size"Shoeless" Joe Jackson

The life size statue of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson was unveiled on July 13, 2002 in Greenville, South Carolina. Approximately 700 people attended the ceremony.

The sculpture was commissioned by Arlene Marcley, assistant to the mayor of the City of Greenville, and money was donated through private funds.

The work itself was created in the lobby of City Hall where visitors were given the opportunity to watch the progress as well as participate in creating the piece. After kneading a small piece of clay, visitors would hand their clay to the artist who would then place it on the statue.

Our congressman at the time, Jim DeMint, kneeded clay and attended the statue dedication. The statue was placed on the City of Greenville plaza which was officially named Shoeless Joe Jackson Plaza.

You can find out more about statue, and "Shoeless" Joe, on many websites. Better yet, visit the restored home where Joe Jackson lived. For more information, visit The Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum and Baseball Library web site.


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