Point of Departure

South Carolina sculptor, Doug Young, unveiled his new sculpture, at the corner of Church and Pearl, Greenville, SC, October 31, 2009. 

Point of DeparturePoint of Departure a 9-ft metal abstract outdoor sculpture is a bold move for Doug Young, best known for his bronze figurative works. Young's most loved pieces include Shoeless Joe Jackson in Greenville's West End and Gethsemane, a commissioned work for North Greenville College.

Young's new interest in abstract metal began when he met Ryan Calloway who is also an artist in the Pendleton Street Arts District. It was Calloway who introduced Young to the local salvage yards and opened his studio for Young to use for welding the piece. With the encouragement of Calloway, and the help of Brian Thompson who assisted with the construction, Young has created a sculpture that captures attention from every angle including the shadow it casts on the ground.

"There were no dictated parameters for this new work," Young says. "I thought about the late Mr. Herron Briggs, who lived across the street from the Brio. I decided to let his love of the whimsical have some influence. Its kind of Briggs meets Mondrian."

When asked about his departure from figurative sculptures: "Some think that because I'm known for my figurative works, I wouldn't ever do an abstract piece. For most people, it's easier to relate to something that's recognizable--a person, an animal, an object. I understand that. And it's true that, like any work, some abstract pieces are better than others. Good sculpture, whether figurative or abstract, is balanced. The work has to be interesting from all sides.  Point of Departure uses both negative and positive space to create interest. I suppose some could say its loosely inspired by a Mondrian painting, or perhaps by Mr. Briggs who lived across the street. Maybe they're right. I just hope the public enjoys this sun-catcher, as much as I do."

Young's piece is the first installation as part of a new sculpture garden developing at the corner of Pearl and Church.  Additional pieces including a piece by Clemson Landscape Architect Nat Bradford of Eco-Art, LLC, and work by metal artist Ryan Calloway are due for installation as well. The public will have access to the site during daylight hours and parking is available.

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